Here's the latest news from the club, as well as brags and wags from club members about their dogs' activities and achievements:


Again this year we'll be holding our specialty in conjunction with the Macomb Kennel Club shows at Springfield Oaks Park in Davisburg, Michigan, about 50 miles northwest of Detroit on I-75.

Our Specialty judge on Saturday August 19 will be Lisa Warren, and our Supported Entry judge on Sunday August 20 will be Doug Johnson.

We're not holding separate sweepstakes this year, but Macomb KC is holding both puppy and veteran sweeps in all breeds — including, of course, Basset Hounds — as part of the Saturday show.

We'll be having our annual potluck after judging on Saturday. All are invited (including hounds). If you'd like to bring something, let club president Corey Rigoni know.

There's a new show superintendent this year: Foy Trent. Entry information, including the premium list, is available online at Please note the cover of the premium list gives the wrong day for the specialty. The specialty is Saturday.

Deadline for entries was Wednesday August 2.

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This page was last updated 3 August 2017.